Corona: India is still better!

By Dr. Ved Pratap Vaidik

It is owing to the carelessness of Indian masses and politicians during the first wave of Covid-19 that the entire country is suffering now. India is on the top when it comes to the maximum number of Corona induced deaths per day. However, there is another side to Corona statistics.

Eversince last year, around 18 million Indian people have been smitten by the virus, from which two lac have died owing to it. 1.1 % of the population comprising of 140 million people has thus breathed its last due to Covid, which makes India only 0.80% ahead of Turkey in the ongoing crisis.

Otherwise, in America, Europe and other continents, the death rate is visibly high in comparison to India. 5.7 lac people in America, 3.9 lac people in Bazil and 2.15 lac people in Mexico have been laid to dust, and these countries and states are even smaller than India when it comes to their geographical areas’ measurement.

All of this is despite the availability of better and accessible medical facilities. Had there not been a political chaos in India, and all the five states had corroborated with the masses for adopting collective safety precautions, then India could have presented itself as an example before the whole world.

However, what has happened cannot be undone, and we must look towards the future.

Our supreme court and several other benches seem to be quite active now, and their role in fighting against Corona cannot be eschewed.

The result which Madras High Court’s criticism has yielded is that the election commission has put a halt to the processions arranged at the announcement of the election results.

Delhi government has been much criticized for making special arrangements for Corona inflicted judges at Ashoka hotel. Delhi has also been targeted for the rampant black marketing of medicines and injections.  

It is being said that youngsters will also be offering vaccination but where actually are the vaccines? The situation of the vaccines’ prices and availability is quite quizzical.

Why doesn’t the government take a solid step in this regard? Uptil now, our government was receiving laudatory remarks for providing vaccine to its neighbouring countries, but China has also entered the field now.

It is disheartening to see how in an online conference held in order to provide vaccination services to South Asian countries, all countries have participated but India, Bhutan and Maldives.

It is true that India is being supported by the neighbouring countries, but people are still violating the rules needed to be adopted in this time of an ongoing pandemic and the police is receiving hefty amounts in the form of challans.

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