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Christian Betzmann tells us about love at First Sight

Everyone remembers falling in love for the first time and we got in talks with Chritian Betzmann who told us when it happened to him. The famous globe trotter who is a travel v-logger just couldn’t stop talking about how the pictures don’t do justice when it comes to the beauty and that he can only capture enough in the v-logs.

You’re probably wondering who this might be, well let’s break the news; Chris was blown away and fell in love on his first visit to Pakistan.

Having visited almost 40 countries, yes you got that right..his visit to Pakistan after watching his friend Drew Binksy posting pictures, he was instantly hooked and knew that Pakistan is going to be a great adventure. What can we say, we got so much to offer! Further on we discussed the content development and the future of digital content in Pakistan and what he said next was surprising and something perhaps a fact we all were scared to say out in the open.

According to Chris, it’s not about the content, it’s about the people. Pakistan as of now is way too focused on conventional content like drama serials and most people are afraid of taking the risk and creating something new, experimentation of sorts. So when it comes to digital content and it’s growth, one needs to be patient and understand that the new generation of social media is going to take the course slowly but to great heights.

We agree with him, fully!

Moving on, the welcoming nature that got Chris by the heart and made him fall in love is the people, vibrancy of cultures, harmony and on top of all scenic views that seem like a painting in reality. He further elaborated mentioning how all major cities of Pakistan have a history of their own with so much diversity to offer and he feels that’s all the more reason Pakistan stands apart in his eyes as compared to other Asian countries.

He also added how Pakistan can dominate the tourism sector with its incredible mountain ranges and serenity in the northern areas. The language barrier is surpassed as well, as people can communicate in English for foreigners to get around and the safety he felt in this country with awfully hospitable people is a win-win.

He’s been here for an extensive period that of a year, post starting his YouTube channel that ranks Pakistan top 3 in his list! Wow, that’s quite the cut.

Let’s face it, we hold so much beauty in this country and often require an outsider to make us realize what we take for granted. Not to forget we make sure they feel at home and that’s sure to be a quality not found everywhere around the globe.

Chris is full of life with an eagerness to learn and explore as he narrates stories through his v-logs. We wear a badge of pride after getting into conversation with Chris who speaks so highly of our home, Pakistan. Here’s us opening to doors to many more like him to come and visit Pakistan to find a getaway that will be cherished for a lifetime!

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