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Cadbury Dairy Milk’s movement for under-weight children in Pakistan

Cadbury Dairy Milk has initiated a movement with its latest campaign of “Kuch Acha Hojaye, Kuch Meetha Hojaye” through which it will be distributing milk to under-weight children in Pakistan on purchase of a limited-edition chocolate bar.

With a rich legacy of spreading joy and creating moments of happiness, Cadbury Dairy Milk through its new campaign has taken a bold step in changing its lens to do something good.

Pakistan is a country ridden with a multitude of social issues and the issue of children being under-weight is one of them. To make an impact, Cadbury Dairy Milk has rolled out 400,000 limited-edition bars in the market. On purchase of each of these chocolate bars, it will be distributing a glass of milk (approx. 250 ml per glass) through a charitable organization Charity Right Pakistan to under-weight children in Pakistan.

This milk will reach approximate 2,222 children fulfilling the nutritional requirements that come from milk for a duration of 3 months.

“As a developing country, we are faced with a serious challenge of children being under-weight. Around 40 % of children under the age of 5 in Pakistan are stunted, while almost 1 in 3 children under the age of five are underweight.

These numbers speak for themselves and are putting the health of our future generations at risk,” said Javeria Siddiqui, Category Brand Manager, Mondeléz Pakistan Limited. “This is a national issue that needs to be addressed.

Therefore, Cadbury Dairy Milk has decided to initiate a movement to bring attention to this distressful concern and is hopeful that all its consumers and the philanthropic masses will participate to move the needle on this.”

Sarwat Gillani, a well-known celebrity and the movement’s chief ambassador said: “Malnutrition data in Pakistan represents a dismal situation for us. Children are the future assets for any nation and crucial for its uplift. We need to invest in them through means that would ensure that they are physically and intellectually sound. This is the reason why we need to unite, and invest time and effort collectively to ensure that we do not lag behind in giving the best to our children. Through this movement, I am hopeful that people will be urged to play a role for the greater good of the nation.”

The idea behind Cadbury Dairy Milk’s campaign is “to do something good” and therefore the brand is putting the spotlight on the issue of under-weight children in Pakistan which is seldom highlighted. It is an effort to galvanize its consumers and the masses to spread awareness and take action as every drop in the ocean counts.

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