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Anoushey Ashraf expresses her Love for Karachi in a Heartfelt Post

Anoushey Ashraf, the host and actress recently made all of us reminisce about the city of Karachi and its beauty with a heartfelt post. In a warm picture accompanied by a moving caption on her Instagram, she pours her heart out about the city she adores.

It starts by stating her special connection with the stunning Karachi beach and how the time spent by the sea has shaped her life.


Anoushey Ashraf really means it when she says that Karachi is love, which is why it stands out. She also asks everyone why Karachi is love for them, and what makes the city so special and dear to its residents.

For any Karachiite going to the beach is a part of their life. But we never really look back and think about how access to such amazing beaches has helped us in life. Reading this post will make you think of things from your trips in the past.

The lovely moments you shared with your friends and family members under the open skies by the ocean will all come back in a flash to you.  

Then she goes on to talk about the incredible spirit of Karachi, that it welcomes people from across Pakistan irrespective of their backgrounds, social class, ethnicity or religion. It offers everyone an opportunity to have a better life.

Irrespective of the situation or how dire the circumstances are, Karachi has always been a giver, she added in a beautiful and eloquent manner.

The title of “giver” is certainly apt. If you have had any connection with Karachi, you will find yourself agreeing with her entirely. Reading the post, it really feels like she admires the soul and the essence of Karachi. The will to go on when everything seems just near impossible.  

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